German Police Statement on “Detention of Greta Thunberg”

German police denied that the detention of Swedish environmentalist Greta Thunberg was fictional. In the statement, it was argued that it was a routine practice for Thunberg to wait before being taken to the detention vehicle.

The allegations that the detention of Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, who was among the environmental activists protesting the expansion of the lignite mine field in Lützerath, Germany, was fictional, was denied by the German police.

In a video on social media that was watched by millions of people, after the environmentalist Thunberg was smiling and the police were seen waiting with him in the video, there was a claim that it could be a “fictional video” on social media and in some press organs.

A spokesperson for the local police denied the allegations that Thunberg’s detention was fraudulent, in a statement to the BBC.

In the statement made by the Ministry of Interior of Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW), it was stated that the police were waiting for Thunberg for logistical reasons.

In the statement, it was stated that the detainees were kept waiting for a few minutes before being taken to a vehicle and this was a routine practice.


In the demonstration held in Lützerath yesterday, environmental activists who opposed the expansion of the coal mine faced harsh intervention by the mounted police during their protests, and some demonstrators were injured.

Police intervened with the protesters, including Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg, with batons and tear gas as they walked towards the mine site.

German police later detained Thunberg with other activists and released her in the evening after checking her identity.

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