Gastric Sleeve Turkey

People who have problems in their life with weight problems aim to lose weight by doing diet and sports. However, the desired efficiency is not always achieved. There are many reasons for this. While being overweight causes health problems, it also negatively affects the quality of life. Today, there are millions of patients struggling with obesity. While looking for ways to lose weight, you may also want to learn how to lose weight by having surgery with surgical intervention. So, is it possible to lose weight with surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery Turkey

Sports, diet, nutrition programs and more.. If you are one of those who have tried every way and failed, you can start to get ideas by searching for gastric sleeve surgery Turkey. We can say that the success rate of this surgery, which was performed very successfully, is 99% with a good surgeon and team. The days when you can move easily and wear the clothes you want without delaying what you want to do in your life are very close now. First, get to know your body by calculating your body mass index. Check if you are eligible for this surgery. If the body mass index table below is 30 and above, you can really have this surgery and reach your ideal weight. There are thousands of patients in Turkey who have been rendered service and weakened. Since obesity reduces the quality of life, you can have a weak body within months. The services provided during gastric sleeve Turkey are listed below.

Less than 18.9 kg/m2 = WEAK

Between 19 – 24.9 kg/m2 = NORMAL

Between 25 – 29.9 kg/m2 = BULK (LIGHTWEIGHT)

Between 30 – 34.9 kg/m2 = OBES (HEALTH RISK)


When you are not at the ideal weight, different diseases occur together with body fat. Dr.ERGENÇ and his team provide this service in their own private clinic for sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Turkey. He performs more than 4000 sleeve gastrectomy surgeries and conducts interviews in his clinic in Izmir with the title of “master surgeon”. When making a decision, you can do your research thoroughly, get information about the doctor’s past operations, and see the weakened people. In particular, you can examine the posts that Tufan ERGENÇ and his team lost weight on their social media account.

  • Airport pick-up
  • Access by private vehicle
  • Operation in modern hospital
  • High-end accommodation, living space
  • Dietitian and nurse support

All these are organized to host you in the best possible way and to carry out a successful operation. Of course, successful doctor, good operation is important. In addition, an advantage is provided in terms of price. Gastric sleeve operations performed in England and Germany require high costs. However, sleeve gastrectomy surgery is performed with more affordable prices for Turkey

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