Future Promise Sectors of Turkish Industry

The Turkish industry continues to grow regularly with its young and qualified workforce, geopolitical position and attractive incentives offered to investors. However, some sectors are more prominent than others. Here is the Future Promise …

Manufacturing and Production

Turkish industry is attracting attention with the import of many electronic devices and machinery. Therefore it presented as imports decreases to focus more on domestic production in Turkey will invest in manufacturing and production sector to domestic and foreign investors attractive incentives such as tax breaks and land allocation on a regular basis.
In particular, air and land vehicles, electronics, mobile devices, voice and image signal devices, computing machinery, motors, medical devices, printing products, to invest in Turkey in areas such as IT products, medium and will provide quite profits to investors in the long term option It turns out to be the opposite.

Energy and Natural Resources

Turkey offers serious incentives to entrepreneurs for sustainable energy sources. Wind energy and solar energy mainly to the investment in green energy or natural energy sources with renewable energy can called Turkey is expected to reduce the external debt sourced from oil and gas. In this regard, Turkey, the wind and the sun will invest in areas with plenty of natural energy resources as a country is one of the most ideal country for people who could be called.
Some of the incentives investors can make use of in hydroelectric energy, wind energy, solar energy, natural gas, bioenergy and geothermal energy are as follows;
• VAT Exemption
• Customs Exemption
• Tax Discount (40%)
• SGK Primary Employer Share (7 Years)
• Interest Support (up to 700 thousand TL)

Software and Information

Turkey, digitalized taking the necessary steps on the road to domestic software in order to keep pace with the world. In this respect, Turkey will invest in the software and information industry offered good incentives to foreigners.
Especially for those who want to invest in many areas, especially software, biotechnology, nanotechnology and electronics, this is a very attractive country. Currently operating in this field in Turkey Although many large domestic and foreign companies still explains in this area and I must point out that there are great opportunities.

Environment and Recycling

Taking necessary steps to remove the damages caused by the industrialization, to prevent global warming and to eliminate the factors that cause environmental pollution has made the environment and recycling sector an important sector. Turkey is in the process of recycling technology for European Union membership and is a country that have adopted the Kyoto Protocol gives great importance. This way of Turkey in the near term waste management and recycling sector is expected to invest between 7 and 9 billion euros.
Turkey will invest in the recycling field for domestic and foreign investors, value added tax, customs duties, investment allocation, interest support, support is given to many issues such as tax breaks.

Textile & Ready Wear

China marked the world textile market in exchange for Turkey’s product quality, geography, geopolitics, the textile and apparel market position in terms of logistics and material resources can definitely say that it is one of the serious players. Nowadays, say the world’s largest apparel exporter 8.büyük future of the textile and apparel sector in Turkey also offer very good deals that will not be wrong.
Textile and ready-to-wear sector, which already enjoys many incentives, has the opportunity to benefit from new incentives as well as the new incentive program expected to enter into force in 2018. Accordingly, there will be many more incentives for domestic and foreign investments to be made in the textile sector especially for the Eastern countries of the country.

3D Printing

3D Printing and worldwide attention in Turkey as well as in other sectors. The sector, which grew by 20.3% in 2012, grew by about 25% in 2017. The falling cost of technology and the spread of both the large-scale industrial enterprises began to attract the attention of consumers 3D Printing, hosting many opportunities come yet because it is one of the brightest sector in its infancy in Turkey.

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