Free game like Elden Ring and Metin 2 is coming!

Soulframe, the new game of the Warframe legend, has been introduced. Many details are seen in the 30-minute gameplay trailer.

Digital Extremes unveiled its free fantasy-action MMORPG game Soulframe at TennoCon 2023 last weekend. A 30-minute gameplay video about the game has also been released. So what does Soulframe promise?

What is Soulframe, how to play?

Warframe, the legendary action-shooter game for consoles and computers, has come to the fore again with a series of updates. It is stated that the game will be released on iOS and will receive an update called Warframe 1999. In addition, the developer of Warframe introduced the new MMORPG game Soulframe.

Soulframe takes place in an open world called the Isle of Midrath. The gameplay video showcases the production’s forests, misty environment, and sun-drenched landscapes. The video discusses Soulframe’s system, which includes melee and nature-based spells, after exploring the map.

The game will also include dungeons that change throughout the day. Players; will navigate through an underground city where they can fight against enemies, hide or exploit environmental hazards. Dungeons will also feature spirits with ability modifiers.

Soulframe’s RPG system is also seen in the video. Accordingly, three game styles will be offered, namely Spirit, Grace and Courage (Spirit, Grace and Courage). Players will be able to change their character as they want by switching between classes.

No details were provided about the free-to-play Soulframe release date. In addition, there was no explanation about the language support of the game, but let’s mention that the official site has Turkish support. This is an indication that it will support Turkish.

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