Former Employee Confession: TikTok Doesn’t Protect Data

China-based social media platform TikTok, which has recently come to the fore with privacy issues, continues to increase the number of users day by day.

Some countries have warned about TikTok, the social media platform that has been very popular especially among young people recently.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that China can access user data through TikTok.

Confession from Former TikTok Employee

Speaking to the Washington Post, a former TikTok employee claimed that the social network was flawed in protecting the data of American users.

The former employee of the social media company says the $1.5 billion Project Texas security initiative is flawed and needs a complete redesign of its service infrastructure.

The staff also states that they met with the offices of Senator Chuck Grassley and Mark Warner to discuss the alleged weaknesses. Representatives of both senators admit that the meeting took place.

Description from TikTok

Making a statement on the subject, TikTok said that the allegations were unfounded. In addition, TikTok said that the person who gave the information only worked for six months, and stated that the employee left months before the Project Texas security project was completed.

Security concerns about TikTok have been raised in different countries before; Employees of US, European Union institutions and public institutions in Canada are banned from using TikTok.

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