Flying Car Test Video Leaked: Here are the First Images

A test video of the hybrid vehicle that can fly like a helicopter, designed by China-based automotive company XPeng to travel on public roads, has emerged.

Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng has tested the flying car it has been working on for a long time. Four propellers mounted on the body of the vehicle lift the vehicle into the air. Takeoff takes about a minute, and the XPeng is very noisy during flight.

It is remarkable that the propellers accelerate for quite a long time before takeoff, and it takes about a minute for the propellers to rotate at the desired speed. In addition, in the published video, it is seen that the flying car has problems with vertical take-off and balancing in the air. As a part of the test, the vehicle was tried to be stabilized in the air, but the car wobbled as another detail.

Needs More Work On It

On the other hand, the video shows the car flying slightly forward after take-off, returning to its original position without turning in the opposite direction and landing rather clumsily. XPeng’s flying car has four wheels and a traditional body. However, the propeller setup takes up a lot of space and increases the XPeng’s dimensions by at least three times in width.

The XPeng flying car began to be developed with the goal of reducing the load on highways and reducing noise pollution in megacities. However, as the leaked video shows, the prototype currently does not cope well with this task, and according to experts, more work is needed on the flying car. There is no word on when XPeng’s hybrid vehicle will hit the consumer market.

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