Flying Car 140 Thousand Dollars!

China-based automotive company XPeng AeroHT will launch the flying car model XPeng AeroHT X3, equipped with electric motors, in 2025.

The Chinese company XPeng AeroHT continues to develop the X3 flying car model. The manufacturer has also determined the price at which it will sell the vehicle.

The production version of the vehicle will appear in 2025 and the XPeng AeroHT X3 will cost around $140,000. This news was given by Bloomberg based on the founder of the Chinese company, Zhao Deli. XPeng AeroHT currently has a sixth-generation prototype. Equipped with Chinese batteries and four electric motors.

It can rise up to 10 meters

A feature of the XPeng AeroHT X3 is that the vehicle will be on the ground most of the time. We’re talking about 90% of the work in this mode. It will also be able to climb to heights of up to 10 meters to avoid traffic jams or other obstacles with eight propellers.

XPeng invested in AeroHT in 2020. Until then, the enterprise had only 10 employees. It currently has 700 employees and has reached a capital of 1.5 billion dollars.

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