Flood in Istanbul: 2 people lost their lives

Flood in Istanbul: 2 people lost their lives

A strong downpour in some parts of Istanbul caused flooding. In Arnavutköy, Başakşehir and Küçükçekmece, roads turned into lakes and vehicles were flooded due to the rainfall. While many houses and workplaces were flooded, Çam and Sakura City Hospitals and some metro stations were also flooded. Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announced that 2 people lost their lives in the flood waters. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced that 12 people were injured due to floods. In a statement made by the Governorship of Istanbul, it was stated that 1754 houses and workplaces were affected by the rains last night. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu stated that 150 kilograms of precipitation fell per square meter in some places and said that they were on the field with 2137 personnel and 1161 vehicles. On the other hand, an investigation was launched into the deaths in the flood.

The rainfall that started in the northern part of Istanbul increased its intensity in Arnavutköy, Başakşehir and Küçükçekmece. While puddles formed on the roads due to the downpour, vehicles had difficulty in moving forward.

A large number of fire brigade teams were dispatched to the region upon reports of flooding in many houses and workplaces in Arnavutköy. Fire trucks were also sent to the region from other districts.

As a result of the overflow of the stream in İstiklal Neighborhood, Boğazköy Bridge was closed. The garden and basement of Boğazköy Primary School next to the stream filled with water. While the fire brigade teams started water evacuation works at the school, municipality teams started working to open the bridge.

Vehicles were stranded on the roads in Arnavutköy and Başakşehir due to the rainfall. Some drivers who could not move forward waited in the safety lane, while some citizens tried to rescue their vehicles by pushing them.


One of the addresses where floods occurred was Başakşehir Millet Kıraathanesi. Due to excessive rain, the inside of the library was suddenly flooded. Meanwhile, those who were in the cafeteria tried to get out in panic.

A cat stranded in the garden was rescued by a citizen who was there. The citizen took the cat from where it was stranded and took it to a safer place on his lap and left it. In addition, ISKI teams came to the people’s cafe and started working to drain the water.


Citizens inside had a hard time as the rainwater filled up. What happened inside was reflected on a cell phone camera taken by a citizen.

In the footage, citizens are seen trying to get out in panic. In the continuation of the footage, it is seen that the decorations on the ceiling of the coffee house fell.

Flood in Istanbul


Istanbul Governorate reported that 12 people who were injured in floods and floods that occurred after torrential rainfall are still being treated.

While it was determined that 125 kilograms of rain fell per square meter, 2 people lost their lives in Başakşehir and Küçükçekmece districts due to flooding, “12 people were injured. The treatment of the injured continues in the hospitals where they were taken.”

In the statement, it was stated that some organizations providing public services were also partially affected by the floods due to floods, and the following were recorded:

Flood in Istanbul

“In this context, 1150 flooding notifications were received by 112 Emergency Call Center and 2540 flooding notifications were received by municipalities. Rescue teams of AFAD, Fire Brigade, ISKI and municipalities are working uninterruptedly to meet the notifications. In addition, police, gendarmerie and health units are also supporting the work with all their means. According to the first determinations, 1754 houses and workplaces have been affected by the floods, and there are no citizens stranded in these areas. The accommodation needs of our citizens affected by the floods will be met in public guesthouses and facilities. In addition, the relevant units of the Red Crescent and municipalities continue to work uninterruptedly to meet the urgent needs of our citizens affected by the flood.”


The house of a foreign family living in the basement of a 4-storey building on Zemzem Street in Arnavutköy was flooded.


Some drivers had difficulty moving on the road due to rainfall on the Mahmutbey section of the TEM Highway.

On the Istanbul Airport road, puddles formed due to rainfall and vehicles moved with difficulty.

Flood in Istanbul

Airplanes descending for landing at Istanbul Airport had to make laps in the air. As the intensity of the rain decreased, air transportation returned to normal and flights are delayed.

During the hours of adverse weather conditions, lightning struck the area where aircraft parking lots are located. Two personnel affected by the incident were taken to the hospital and were reported to be in good condition.

Lightning struck in Beykoz, Kavacık, Kadıköy, Sultanbeyli and Üsküdar on the Anatolian side and Bahçelievler, Kağıthane and Beylikdüzü on the European side.

Flood in Istanbul

Vehicles were also stopped in Sultangazi Habibler due to rain.

The water puddle formed on the road in Fenertepe locality of Arnavutköy road rose up to half the height of the vehicles.

On Basın Ekspres Road, the occupants of the vehicle stuck in the water came out of the windows and waited for help to arrive.

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