Flash F-35 description from the USA! We are meeting with Turkey

US Department of State Spokesperson Ned Price announced that the US Department of Defense (Pentagon) is conducting consultations with Turkey to resolve the F-35 problem.

Price answered questions at a daily press conference after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that the United States made an F-16 purchase offer to Turkey regarding Turkey’s “1 billion 400 million dollars” payment for the F-35 program.

Price stated that he would not approve the proposed arms sales and transfers until they were notified and approved by Congress. “As for Turkey, we highly value our partnership with our NATO ally Turkey. is an important NATO ally. Turkey has long and deep bilateral ties with NATO. Interoperability remains a top priority.” Said


Price, who did not directly respond to President Erdogan’s words, said:

“Now, regarding the issue you brought up, I will say this: The Ministry of Defense is in consultation with Turkey on the resolution of the F-35 conflict. Turkish officials have publicly stated that they are interested in acquiring F-16 aircraft. Referring to the Turkish government to talk about Turkey’s defense procurement plans. “I can say that the US has not offered any funds for Turkey’s F-16 requests. The Ministry of Defense is in consultation with Turkey on the F-35 program on how to resolve this conflict. I’m not in a position to have private conversations about it.”

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