Fish Rained from the Sky

People living in the Australian town of Lajamanu witnessed an interesting natural phenomenon. After the heavy storm that started at night, fish rained from the sky.

The town has been flooded with fish “four times in the last 30 years”. Lajamanu native and Central Desert councilor Andrew Johnson Japanangka told ABC News:

“We saw a big storm approaching and we thought it was just rain. But when it started to rain, we saw that the fish fell to the ground with the rain,” he said.

The fish, identified by ophthalmologist Jeff Johnson of the Queensland Museum, to belong to the “scaly bass” species, a type of freshwater perch, were recorded to be approximately the size of a child’s palm. The fish, which fell with the rain at night, were scattered all over the town by the people in the morning and many of them were found alive.

While the reason behind the fish shower is unknown, the town has reportedly been the scene of the same event in the 2010s, 2004s and 1980s. Moreover, it was stated that the fish that fell into the town during the downpour in 2010 were of the same species. According to Newsweek, while the rain of fish from the sky is unexpected, rains of animals such as frogs, bats, worms and spiders are among the strange natural phenomena recorded from time to time.

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