First details from Starfield reviews: No errors in first 15 hours

The happy ending is getting closer and closer for Starfield, developed by Bethesda. Although the reviews have not been published yet, someone who tried the game said that there was not a single error in the first 15 hours.

Developed by Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield is counting the days for its release. Starfield is currently under review by the gaming industry, but there is an embargo until August 31st. However, Youtuber Tyler McVicker announced that he did not encounter any bugs / errors in the first sequence of Starfield in the information he shared.

Starfield looks pretty accurate

Gamers have already got their hands on Starfield, and according to a reviewer’s messages, Bethesda’s highly anticipated game is highly refined, or at least that’s the case for the first 15 hours of gameplay. Bethesda announced a while ago that Starfield has reached the Gold version, and it seems that this isn’t just speculation. McVicker used the following statements on a Discord channel: “It is mind-blowing that the game looks so good despite using the Creation Engine. Also, 15 hours have passed and there is not a single mistake.”

Meanwhile, Starfield is based on the Creation Engine game engine that Bethesda used in its previous games, but the version in this game is an optimized and enhanced version for Starfield. We can call it Creation Engine 2. On the other hand, McVicker’s claim coincides with a statement by Xbox Game Studios President Matt Booty that Starfield will be Bethesda’s least flawed game.

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