First Details About James Bond Game Revealed

First Details About James Bond Game Revealed

IO Interactive, the developer of the Hitman series, shared the first details about the new James Bond game they will release. Details are here!

IO Interactive, one of the first developer companies that comes to mind in the game world when assassination and stealth are mentioned, rolled up its sleeves for a comprehensive JamesBond game. The company, which is also the developer of the famous Hitman series, shared the first details about the game.

The James Bondgame called Project 007, which was first announced three years ago, has been silent for a long time. Hakan Abrak, one of the partners of IO Interactive, gave Eurogamer information about the James Bondgame.

James Bond Moves To The Game World

Hakan Abrak, a Danish citizen of Turkish origin, stated that he was very excited about the gamification of the famous film series.

Abrak said, “First of all, working with the Eon team behind Bond is extremely admirable and inspiring. The Bond series is of course my responsibility. That’s why it’s our main goal to find a common understanding of what James Bond is. Now we’re creating an origin story. Just It’s time we got a James Bond who isn’t a movie character.” aforementioned.

James Bond Game

Stating that their desire to make a JamesBond game dates back to 2013, when they re-edited Hitman for the first time, Abrak said that they didn’t just want to make use of the name JamesBond, they just wanted to create a game that they wanted to make use of the name JamesBond. it can stand by the movies on its own. From these words of Abrak, it is possible to predict the future of a very comprehensive JamesBond game like the Hitman series.

No more information has been shared about the details of the James Bond series Project 007, which is learned to be under construction yet.

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