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First Artificial Intelligence High School to be Established: Which subjects will be covered?

First Artificial Intelligence High School to be Established: Which subjects will be covered?

Turkey’s first artificial intelligence high school is being established. So how will the curriculum of the high school be? Here are the details!

Artificial intelligence is now in every aspect of our lives, so much so that it has surrounded even the simplest tools and social media. Following the opening of new artificial intelligence university departments in recent weeks, artificial intelligence high schools are now coming.

Speaking at the opening of the workshop held at Teknopark Istanbul, Istanbul Deputy Director of National Education Hüseyin Aydın stated that the new high school being worked on will be Turkey’s first artificial intelligence high school.

Artificial Intelligence High School

What will the curriculum of the first artificial intelligence high school look like?

Making a series of statements about the new artificial intelligence high school, Aydın said, “With the artificial intelligence high school, we aim to ensure that our young people, whom we are already preparing for the scientific and technological developments of the future, take qualified and education-based steps in this field, and that our country will take a leading position in a technological scientific competition with other countries on a global scale.”

Chair of the Department of Management Information Systems at Istinye University and Board Member of the Artificial Intelligence Policies Association Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Özdemir stated that people’s concerns about artificial intelligence are related to the fear that robots will take people’s jobs.

In addition, Özdemir stated that one of the recent concerns about artificial intelligence is deepfake content and made the following statements on the subject:

“If it is not distinguished by experts, there is a need to establish a defense line and an attack line at the same time. If there is to be a course, it should be computer-based manipulation. Because what can be done with content that can be produced with deep fiction can drag a whole society into chaos. The only thing that limits us is our morality and conscience.

Therefore, these children should be taught a good lesson in ethics, morality and conscience. You are entrusting a nuclear power into the hands of these children. They need to use their minds in a way that they can use what you have entrusted first for the benefit of their country and then for the benefit of humanity.”

At the workshop, academics, IT department teachers and sector representatives discussed the content and curriculum of the artificial intelligence high school to be established.

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