Fire In Germany: 4 Turks, Including 2 Children, Killed

The Solingen Tragedy of 1993 came to mind when 4 Bulgarian Turks, including 2 children, lost their lives in a fire in Solingen. The investigation into the incident continues.

The fire tragedy in Germany took millions of people back to years ago.

A fire broke out in a 4-story building in Solingen, Germany.

In the statement made by the Fire Department about the fire that broke out in the old building in the Höhscheid district for an as yet undetermined reason, 4 people from the same family, including 2 children, who were caught sleeping at night in their attic house, died and 9 people were injured, 2 of them seriously.

It was stated that 21 people in the building were evacuated after the fire, and many people affected by smoke were taken under treatment at the scene.

While the police did not make a statement regarding the identities of the people living in the building, according to the information obtained from the residents of the neighborhood, the dead people were Bulgarian citizens.

Investigation underway

North Rhine Westphalia (KRV) State Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst said on the social media platform X that he was deeply affected by the incident in Solingen.

“It is a terrible tragedy. People are unexpectedly torn from their lives. My thoughts are with the injured and their relatives, for whom I wish a full recovery. I would like to thank the rescue teams at the scene.”

Solingen Mayor Tim Kurzbach also inspected the scene.

Stating that the flags in the town hall will be lowered to half-mast, Kurzbach expressed his sorrow for the dead and wished a speedy recovery to the wounded.

Kurzbach said, “I ask you to wait and see what further investigations will reveal. In my opinion, everyone should refrain from speculating at a moment like this. The police and the public prosecutor’s office are doing everything that needs to be done.”

Investigations into the cause of the fire are ongoing.

4 dead people were Bulgarian Turks

After the investigations, it was revealed that 4 people, including 2 children, who lost their lives were Bulgarian citizens of Turkish origin.

In a statement made by the Consulate General of Turkey in Düsseldorf on the X social media platform, it was requested that the nature of the fire be investigated and clarified as soon as possible.

The statement read as follows:

We wish God’s mercy to our Bulgarian Turkish compatriots who lost their lives in the fire that broke out yesterday morning in the apartment building where they lived in Solingen, our condolences to their grieving relatives and a speedy recovery to the injured. We strongly hope that the nature of the fire in question will be investigated and clarified as soon as possible. In this context, our Consulate General will continue to be in contact with the relevant authorities.

Solingen Tragedy

This painful incident brought to mind the Solingen Tragedy of 1993.

In the attack that took place in Solingen on May 29, 1993, four right-wing extremist Germans set the house of the Genç family on fire and Gürsün İnce, Hatice, Hülya, Saime Genç and Gülistan Öztürk lost their lives.

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