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Famous Billionaire Compared Artificial Intelligence to Atomic Bomb

The number of people who are cautious about artificial intelligence continues to increase. American businessman, investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett likens artificial intelligence to the invention of the atomic bomb.

Despite everything we’ve heard about the wonders of modern AI, there are still many people wary of the dangers of technology. The last to join these cautious names was Warren Buffett, the fifth richest person in the world.

Berkshire Hathaway CEO Buffett and vice president Charlie Munger were asked about artificial intelligence during the company’s regular annual meeting. Munger was asked whether he believed artificial intelligence would have a positive impact on stocks, the market, and society as a whole. “I personally am skeptical of some of the exaggerations about artificial intelligence,” Munger said. “I think old-fashioned intelligence works pretty well.”

“He failed to make me laugh”

On the other hand, Buffett, the fifth richest person in the world, admitted that artificial intelligence can do extraordinary things. He said that his friend Bill Gates showed him the latest version of ChatGPT, but this version did not make him laugh and therefore was not very impressive. Gates and Buffett founded The Giving Pledge and promised to donate half their fortune.

“Artificial intelligence can change everything”

Buffett, who said many times that nuclear war was his greatest fear and that this thought made him sleepless at night, interpreted a phrase Albert Einstein said after splitting the atom, and compared artificial intelligence and nuclear weapons to each other: “Artificial intelligence is everything in the world except the way people think and act. can change, and this is a big step forward.”

While they’re certainly not alone in their concerns about AI, Buffett and Munger aren’t the biggest fans of technology in general. Both have mentioned in the past that they don’t like crypto. Buffett said he wouldn’t pay even $25 for all the Bitcoins in the world. On the other hand, Geoffrey Hinton, known as the father of artificial intelligence, left Google, warning that systems are becoming more and more dangerous as companies take advantage of stronger artificial intelligence.

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