Face Recognition Technology Coming To Android: Face ID Competitor!

Metalenz is working on facial recognition technology for Android users with a technology similar to Apple's Face ID. Here are the details!

Metalenz is coming with a development that could even rival Apple with its Polar ID technology. With this new technology, they aim to create a more secure facial recognition system for Android users.

Apart from the known features, they are working on whether there is skin cancer and air quality controls with facial recognition technology.

A Competitor to Face ID is Expected to Come Soon

Both Apple’s and Google’s Pixel 8 have facial recognition technology. But while Apple’s facial recognition is useful for unlocking the phone, entering passwords and buying things, there are no additional features. The facial recognition available on Google’s Pixel 8 does not work in the dark.

Metalenz is working to bring secure facial recognition to Android with Polar ID technology called “opticmetasurfaces”.

Late last year, they announced a partnership with Qualcomm. Today, at MWC in Barcelona, it announced that it will use Samsung’s Isocell Vizion 931 image sensor to power its imaging systems.

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