Extreme humidity is expected in Istanbul!

Extreme humidity is expected in Istanbul!

Last week, the heat wave that negatively affected life in many cities, especially Istanbul, is returning. According to the weather forecast report published by Meteorology, air temperatures will increase from the beginning of the week. Starting from Wednesday, Turkey will be under the influence of “eyyam-ı bahur”, which is also called desert heat, hellish heat and African heat, where the hottest days of summer will be experienced. Here is the expected weather in Istanbul, Ankara and other cities….

Last week, extreme heat was effective throughout the country. Air temperatures, which reached above 40 degrees in the middle of the week, dropped 8-12 degrees as of Friday and came to seasonal norms.
Eyyam-ı bahur, which is used to express the hottest and sultry days of the summer season, coincides with the end of July and the beginning of August every year.

Eyyam-ı bahur, which has been replaced by terms such as “desert heat”, “hellish heat” and “African heat”, is expected to show its effect in the southern and western regions of Turkey.
Istanbul Technical University (ITU) Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Department of Meteorological Engineering Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Toros said that Turkey was under the influence of heat waves coming from Africa in July.

Stating that temperature records were broken due to temperatures above seasonal norms this year, Toros said, “Extreme temperature records were broken in many provinces in July. Global warming continues to show its effect day by day.”


Prof. Dr. Toros explained that the cooler weather will start to warm up again as of Wednesday and continued as follows

Extreme humidity

“We will continue to experience the hottest days of summer. Eyyam-ı bahur heat will come to our country from the Arabian Peninsula. As in July, we will be under the influence of eyyam-ı bahur heat for 1 week starting from Wednesday. Temperatures will be especially effective in the south and west of our country. According to the model results of the European medium-term weather forecast centre, temperatures in the southern and western parts of our country will be 35 to 40 degrees above. Marmara 35 to 40, Aegean 35 to 43, Mediterranean 35 to 42, East and Southeast 35 to 45, Central Anatolia 37 and the Black Sea 30 degrees above temperatures are expected. We will be exposed to extreme heat again. The temperature will increase even more with the relative humidity. Istanbulites will be overwhelmed by humidity in the heat of Eyyam-ı bahur.”

Extreme humidity


In Istanbul, the weather will be cooler, but it will be more humid on Sunday. The temperature is 29 degrees. Ankara sunny 31, Bursa 33 degrees. The wind blows strongly in Izmir, the temperature is 36 degrees. The increase in humidity in Antalya makes the temperature feel at 38 degrees again.

The average temperature in Marmara is 30-31 degrees and 33 degrees in Edirne. While the hard-blowing wind will provide coolness, humidity will increase slightly. Weather conditions will not change on Monday.

Extreme humidity

In Central Anatolia, the winds are blowing hard and cool, the temperature has come down to the middle. Eskişehir 30, Kayseri and Konya 31 degrees.
In the Aegean, Çeşme-Kuşadası and Bodrum winds are blowing strong, providing coolness especially in the evenings. Bodrum 36, Muğla 38, Afyon 31, Manisa 36 degrees.

Extreme humidity

In the Mediterranean, winds blow from the sea, humidity increases Adana 34, Hatay 32, Kahramanmaraş 37 degrees. In the Southeast, lodos brings desert heat. Gaziantep 37, Diyarbakır 41, Şanlıurfa 42 degrees.
Temperatures in the Black Sea dropped and the wind blows hard in the Western Black Sea. Bolu 28, Zonguldak, Samsun, Trabzon coasts 26-27 degrees. There is local precipitation in Trabzon-Rize. Eastern Anatolia is generally clear, there is precipitation in Kars-Ardahan for a short time. Malatya is open 35 degrees.

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