Expert Name Announced: Alien Sexual Organs Uncertain

The news about UFOs continues to maintain its warmth on the world agenda. Aliens and UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object) attract the attention of almost everyone and are the subject of news and movies. Malcolm Robinson, who has been working on aliens for 45 years, explained the facts about UFOs one by one.

Britain’s leading expert on extraterrestrial life, Malcolm Robinson, has written more than 10 books throughout his career and investigated dozens of ‘alien cases’. Saying that the explanation of many alien events is simple, Robinson underlines that there are many unexplained cases.

“Most UFO incidents have a natural explanation. Only a few are still mysteries and we are trying to unravel them,” Robinson told the Daily Star.

There is no doubt that the UFO enigma is real and will always be with us. We see these strange shapes and beings in Renaissance paintings, ancient cave paintings.

When asked what the aliens want from humans, Robinson said, “They definitely have an agenda we can speculate on. Because of the many abductions around the world, I wouldn’t say UFOs are peaceful.”


Robinson, who was interested in UFOs in his 20s, actually set out to prove that all events were meaningless. However, he failed to do so.

When I started this business, the goal was to prove that UFOs don’t exist. How wrong I was!

He has evaluated alien theories while giving lectures in the UK, Europe and America. He also founded Strange Phenomena Investigations, Scotland’s oldest UFO and paranormal activity association, in 1979.


When Robinson was asked what the aliens looked like, he said that they were very different from the kind we see in the movies.

Eyewitnesses refer to them as ‘Gray’. A small child-sized species, they have blue-gray translucent skin and large almond-shaped eyes. Genital organs are unknown. These are the most reported alien species.


Robinson’s years of research have also led to the resolution of many dramatic alien cases. These include the kidnapping of Garry Wood and Colin Wright, who live in Edinburgh. The case of the duo who was kidnapped on August 17, 1992 is known as the A70 Incident.

Speaking about the A70 Incident in his book, Robinson says, “The duo could not forget the terrifying experience they were exposed to. While driving on the deserted highway A70, they noticed a two-layer disc-shaped object 6 meters above the ground.”

According to the news in Posta; Seeing the flying disc, the men tried to get away from there by pressing the gas. For a moment they thought they were escaping from the unidentified object, but suffered about half an hour of amnesia. Days later, they began to suffer from severe headaches.

Robinson began investigating the case. To understand what had happened that night, she decided to give both men hypnotic therapy. Robinson’s friend Helen Walters did the hypnosis.

Under hypnosis, both men said they saw three little ‘creatures’ that took them inside the flying black object and kept them there for a while.

“Both Garry and Colin felt shocked by what had happened to them. Their lives may not have changed, they’re still the same as before. But now they look at it from a different angle,” Robinson said.

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