EU’s Metaverse Scandal: 6 People Attended The 400 Thousand Dollar Party

EU’s Metaverse Scandal: 6 People Attended The 400 Thousand Dollar Party

The European Union was disappointed with its party’s introduction of the metaverse platform. Only 6 users attended the party, for which 400 thousand dollars were spent.

The European Union held a party to promote the metaverse platform. About 400 thousand dollars were spent for the virtual beach party, which was touted as “full of music and fun”.

The party, which was scheduled to last for 24 hours, aimed to get the youth excited for the EU’s newly announced Global Gateway strategy.


According to the news in TRT News, journalist Vince Chadwick, who participated in the virtual party, shared on Twitter, “I came to the ‘premiere’ in the EU’s meta universe. We chatted with the other 5 people around in amazement.”

“After that first meeting, it was all over. I was left alone,” Chadwick added.


According to Insider’s report, the plan aroused suspicion even among EU employees.


One of the employees of the institution, who gave an interview to the newspaper after the event was announced last month, described the party as “shameful”.


Twitter users also harshly criticized the EU. One user said, “Seriously? There is a great drought in East Africa, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees does not have enough food and funds for refugees in the camps. Are you spending your money on this?”
Allegedly, the Global Gateway strategy was developed to counter China’s influence and enable the post-pandemic world to recover.



An anonymous representative of the agency said that the target audience of the project is people aged 18-35 who are neutral on the EU and not particularly interested in political issues.

It is thought that the EU resorted to the metaverse party to get the attention of these people.



On the other hand, the concept of metaverse, which created excitement last year and prompted state institutions and companies to make large investments, may have lost its popularity recently.
For example, Decentraland, one of the largest metaverse projects, reported that the number of 24-hour active users fell below 50 in October.

The highest number of daily active users ever reached 675 in Decentraland. In another big project, The Sandbox, this figure is approximately 4,503.

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