Emotional Moments in the Return of the Greek Search and Rescue Team

The Greek search and rescue team of 22 people, working nonstop to save the injured in the earthquake area, was sent off with applause at Istanbul Airport, where they came to return to their country.

After the earthquake that took place in Adıyaman, the Greek team of 22, who participated in the search and rescue efforts, returned to their countries today.

The Greek Rescue team, who handled the ticket and baggage transactions at Istanbul Airport, was applauded for minutes by the İGA security officers who lined up after their passports.

The applause of the rescue team was accompanied by airport employees and other passengers.


Deputy Governor of Istanbul Özlem Bozkurt Gevrek, Ambassador Ayşe Sözen Usluer, Istanbul Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Georgia Soultanopoulou, Consul General of Greece in Istanbul, were among those who sent off the Greek team.

Deputy Governor Gevrek thanked the Greek Rescue Team for their work and presented a plaque to the crew chief, Yannis Papastathis.

Emotional moments arose as Gevrek hugged the female members of the rescue team. The group took a group photo by unfurling the Turkish and Greek flags.


Making statements to the members of the press, Yannis Papastathis thanked the Turkish people for their support from the very first day.

Papastathis said, “When we saw the magnitude of the earthquake, our pain was so great. We did our best and we did our best. Wherever we needed to go, we went there. We received a lot of attention from the Turkish people. We felt safe and everything we needed was met. From the first moment we came to Turkey, people understood why we came and they applauded us constantly,” he said.

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