Elon Musk Can Produce His Own Smartphone

The tension between Phil Schiller, one of the managers of the Apple Store, and Elon Musk may cause Twitter to be deleted from the App Store. Schiller closed his Twitter account.

Elon Musk has been on the agenda for a while because of the statements he has made on his Twitter account. The famous businessman recently stated that he did not like the pricing policy of the Apple Store.

Elon Musk Can Take Over the Phone Market with Tesla

Yoel Roth said that if Elon Musk does not comply with the guidelines published by Apple and Google on behalf of Twitter, he will prepare the end of his own platform. Due to these attitudes and criticisms directed at him, Musk can produce products and services that are high enough to rival both iPhone and Android.

It has been rumored for a while that Tesla will enter the smartphone market. Musk admitted that he is considering taking action against iPhone and Android and competing with them if Google and Apple do not give up their negative attitudes towards him. If Musk chooses to produce a smartphone, it could be called the Tesla Pi Phone.

A South African business person who made a survey on Twitter for the application of amnesty and took action in line with the wishes of the people can also conduct a survey for such a project. If Musk doesn’t get involved in the phone business, he could push the button for the software service industry.

Musk’s commitment to freedom of expression may cause Google and Apple to question Twitter’s position in app markets. Currently, these two giant companies do not have any plans to delete Twitter from the application markets, but Musk continues to talk negatively about the price policies of these two.

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