Elon Musk Behind the Spiral Object in the Sky

In the US state of Hawaii, it has become clear what a spiral-shaped object that radiates blue light is in the sky.

Scientists recently observed a spiral-shaped object in the sky in the US state of Hawaii that scatters blue light around it.

Moreover, this event, witnessed by many citizens, had wide repercussions on social media and caused some allegations to be made.

There have been many posts that the mysterious object may be an extraterrestrial object.

Elon Musk Turned Out To Have A Rocket

It was understood that the image that surprised the researchers occurred after the launch of a SpaceX rocket.

SpaceX, owned by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, launched a GPS satellite into space for the US Space Force last Wednesday.

The unusual blue object in the sky was captured by the Subaru Telescope on the summit of Maunakea shortly after the satellite’s launch.

The researchers interpreted the spiral shape as the upper stage of Falcon 9 that expels unnecessary fuel during its long descent into the ocean.

According to officials, rocket fuel freezes when launched and crystallizes in a spiral shape. Then it shines dazzlingly with the reflection of the sun’s rays.

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