Elon Musk and Meta Managers Clash: Is WhatsApp Not As Secure As It Is Thought?

Elon Musk and Meta Managers Clash: Is WhatsApp Not As Secure As It Is Thought?

Elon Musk got into a controversy with Meta payments by making claims about WhatsApp’s security. Executives denied Musk’s claims. Here are the details!

Elon Musk got into an online argument with two top executives of Meta. In a post he made as the CEO of Twitter (X), Musk claimed that WhatsApp was not secure and sections of users were transferring it overnight.

These claims were harshly denied by Will Cathcart, Meta’s head of WhatsApp, and Yann LeCun, Meta’s AI lead.

Why Did Elon Musk and Meta Managers Argue?

When Elon Musk claimed that WhatsApp’s user system was maintained overnight, WhatsApp president Will Cathcart denied his claims and emphasized that errors were protected by end-to-end encryption.

Elon Musk and Meta

Cathcart noted that cloud backups of data can also be encrypted. It has been speculated that Musk’s claims may be related to the metadata of his messages, but Cathcart was unable to directly address this issue.

Yann LeCun also expressed his criticism of Musk harshly, saying that Musk’s AI Status claims are obvious and unrealistic. LeCun accused Musk of spreading conspiracy theories.

Musk has previously expressed concerns about the security of other messaging applications such as Signal.

Elon Musk, as a name recorded in discussions on the internet, this time faced the high-level payments of WhatsApp and Meta.

Cathcart reiterated its commitment to user privacy, emphasizing that WhatsApp messages are protected by end-to-end encryption. However, WhatsApp’s sharing of some metadata with other Meta platforms has sparked a broader debate about how the data works.

Meta’s data sharing policies continue to raise users’ security and privacy concerns.

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