Electric vehicles could power homes during blackout

Some energy experts say battery-powered vehicles will increasingly help keep the lights on and support them instead of straining the electrical grids.

With the advancing technology, electric vehicles not only offer a zero-emission transportation solution, but also have the potential to power homes.

This innovative concept means that electric vehicles can be used as energy storage systems. Now, electric vehicle owners can use the energy from their vehicle’s batteries in their homes or electricity grid.

Thanks to this system, electric vehicle owners can not only charge their vehicles when they return to their homes, but also use the energy in their vehicle batteries to supply electricity to their homes.

This system also provides a great benefit during times of peak energy demand. When the energy demand in the electricity grid peaks, electric vehicles can support the grid by returning the energy from their batteries.

This can reduce energy costs by increasing energy efficiency while helping to prevent power outages.

Saving lives in some areas

In early March, strong winds knocked down trees and power lines in the Nashville area in the US, leaving thousands of homes without power. But about 20 miles outside of town, an electric pickup truck energized John and Rachelle Reigard’s home by keeping the lights on.

Reigard, who bought a Ford F-150 Lightning pickup truck more than a year ago, said: “All the houses around us are empty. A lot of people ask, ‘How do you have electricity?” said.

As auto and energy companies make it easier for people and businesses to use the energy in electric cars for more than driving, energy and auto experts expect many more people to do the same in the coming years.

electrical networks; It is increasingly straining and twisting in the extreme weather conditions associated with climate change, including prolonged heatwaves, intense storms and devastating floods.

Many people buy generators or home solar and battery systems, often at great expense.

For some people, electric vehicles are the better option as they can serve multiple functions.

Another big advantage: The battery in an F-150 Lightning or electric Chevrolet Silverado pickup, which is expected to go on sale this year, can store much more energy than household batteries sometimes attached to rooftop solar panels.

After pairing an electric truck with a home solar system, the home’s lights can stay on for days or even weeks.

For now, few electric vehicles can provide backup power to homes. But executives at dominant electric car company Tesla and other automakers said they’re working on updates that will allow many more cars to do so.

As a result, electric vehicles are taking on an innovative role not only in transportation, but also with the potential to power homes.

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