Election in Turkey! Which Candidate Collected How Many Signatures?

Election in Turkey! Which Candidate Collected How Many Signatures?

The signature collection process, which started with the acceptance of the applications of 10 presidential candidates by the Supreme Election Board, continues. Sinan Ogan, the candidate of the ATA Alliance, became the 4th Presidential candidate by exceeding 100 thousand signatures on the 5th day. How many signatures did each candidate collect on the 5th day of the signature collection process, which will end on March 27? Here is the total number of signatures for the presidential candidates on the 5th day…

YSK announced the number of signatures collected on the 5th day of the 100,000 signature marathon required for the presidential candidacy.

YSK shared the latest situation regarding the number of signatures collected by 11 candidates who should collect 100 thousand signatures.

Sinan Ogan, who reached 100 thousand signatures in the evening hours; Recep Tayyip Erdoğan became the fourth presidential candidate after Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu and Muharrem İnce.

According to the YSK election calendar, the 100 thousand signature marathon, which started on 22 March for presidential candidates with 100 thousand signatures, will continue until 20:00 on Monday, 27 March.

According to the information received from the YSK, the current signatures collected by the candidates at the end of the 5th day are as follows:

  • Muharrem Ince: 111 thousand 305
  • Sinan Ogan: 107 thousand 637
  • Muhammed Ali Fatih Erbakan: 69 thousand 208 (withdrawn from his candidacy by joining the People’s Alliance)
  • Doğu Perinçek: 24 thousand 563
  • Yakup Turkal: 2 thousand 838
  • Erkan Trükten: 2 thousand 33
  • Tevfik Ahmet Ozal: 1361
  • İrfan Long: 1073
  • Halil Murat Unver: 458
  • Hilmi Ozden: 422
  • David Turan: 118
Election in Turkey


Citizens can go to the district election boards with their identity documents and sign the names they want to see as candidates. This transaction cannot be done over the internet with an electronic signature.


555 thousand 980 liras paid upon the application of 100 thousand voters will be returned to the person they nominated. The fee paid by those who cannot reach enough signatures for candidacy will be recorded as income to the Treasury.


Voters will only be able to vote once for one of the candidates specified in the YSK’s announcement.


The final presidential candidate list will be published in the Official Gazette on March 31 and the presidential election propaganda period will begin.


According to Article 101 of the Constitution; Political party groups, political parties that received at least 5 percent of the total valid votes alone or together in the last general elections, and at least 100 thousand voters can nominate candidates for the presidency.

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