Earthquake victim’s conterner flooded, electrocuted to death!

Containers where earthquake victims were staying flooded due to the heavy rain in Hatay. A person living in a container died after being electrocuted.

According to the news in T24, many containers flooded due to the downpour in the city.

Downpour was effective in Hatay, which was devastated by the Kahramanmaraş earthquakes. Containers sheltering earthquake victims were flooded. Mehmet Harputluoğlu, Hatay Provincial Chairman of the Felicity Party, reported that a person living in a container was electrocuted and died due to the flooding.

Saadet Party Hatay Provincial Chairman Mehmet Harputluoğlu made the following statement on the subject:

“Even though the meteorology warned of heavy rainfall, we waited helplessly for what would happen to us. container cities were flooded. tens of thousands of our citizens living in tents are experiencing much greater distress. We are desperately praying for the rain to stop.

Unfortunately, as a result of the flooding, we were informed that one of our citizens living in a container was electrocuted and lost his life. we have to understand that containers are so uninhabitable that they cannot even be temporary. people-oriented planning, not rent-seeking, is a must!

We have been informed that earthquake victims living in the Emlak Konut living area in Antakya, one of the temporary shelter centers where the heavy rains were felt most severely, will be evacuated to dormitories. very sad…”

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