Dual-engine ANKA-3 is coming

Temel Kotil, CEO of TAI, has announced that a twin-engine version of the ANKA-3 unmanned aerial vehicle is on the way and that the vehicle will be able to fly at supersonic speeds. Kotil stated that the new ANKA-3s will accompany Turkey’s fifth generation fighter jet, the KAAN.

A remarkable statement came about the ANKA-3 stealth aircraft developed by TAI. Speaking to the YouTube channel Turkishaerospace, Temel Kotil, General Manager of TAI (Turkish Aerospace Industries), shared the latest developments in the defense industry.

Kotil stated that for the time being, projects as big as KAAN should not be expected, and announced that the KAAN project will deliver 20 units by the end of 2028.


Kotil said, “Don’t expect anything as big as KAAN from us for now. KAAN has 20 deliveries until the end of 2028. We built one, now we are building eight more. We will make 20 more. Then we will make another one, which will be fitted with a Turkish engine. That is the last one. These will be finished by 2028.”

The twin-engine version of the ANKA-3, which can fly at supersonic speed and accompany the KAAN, stands out as one of Turkey’s important developments in the defense industry.

ANKA-3 MIUS Features:

  • Jet Engine
  • Weighs 7 tons
  • 0.7 Mach (800 km/h)
  • Low Radar Signature
  • Ability to Perform Air-Ground, Air-Air Missions

Technical Specifications:

  • Common Avionics architecture and Ground Control Station (GCS) with Anka and Anka II UCAVs
  • Low Radar Visibility (Stealth)
  • High-Speed Reversal
  • High Payload Capacity
  • LoS/BLOS (Satellite Control)
  • Max. take-off weight: 6,500 kg
  • Payload Capacity: 1,200kg
  • Service Altitude 40,000 ft
  • Endurance 10 hours @ 30kf
  • Cruising Speed: 250kts/0.42Mach @ 30kf
  • Maximum Speed: 425kts/0.7Mach @ 30kf

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