Domestic Motorized 8×8 Arma II Unveiled

Domestic Motorized 8×8 Arma II Unveiled

Arma II, the first domestic 8×8 military vehicle, made its debut. Having successfully completed the driving test, the vehicle with a 720 hp engine is now ready for mass production.

Arma II, the first domestically powered 8×8 military vehicle developed in the Turkish defense industry, was made ready for mass production with a driving test of 6,000 kilometers.

Arma II 8×8, developed by Otokar and integrated with a 720 hp domestic engine, was showcased for the first time.

The ArmaII 8×8 Wheeled Armored Vehicle was developed considering the classical combat conditions as well as the asymmetric threats frequently encountered in conflicts in different geographies.

ArmaII was designed with the claim of offering the highest ballistic, mine and improvised explosive (IED) protection in the world with its high terrain capability.

With a maximum loaded weight of 40 tons and a 720 horsepower engine, ArmaII not only allows the integration of heavy weapon systems up to 120 millimeters caliber, but also offers more carrying capacity and more protection features. In ArmaII, the steering system can control all axles, in this sense, all wheels can be steered.

Because ArmaII is designed as a modular platform, it can be customized to suit many different tasks. In addition to being used as a standard wheeled armored combat vehicle and armored personnel carrier for the infantry class, different weapon systems, equipment and various systems can be integrated into ArmaII.

Arma II, which has different variants, can serve as a surveillance and listening vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle and command and control vehicle with its large interior volume and very fast displacement capability. Arm II, which can take part in battlefield rescue missions with appropriate subsystems, can perform various tasks such as maintenance-repair and ambulance with the additional volume provided by the enlarged hull main structure.

Arma II

Explaining that they designed the vehicle as 6×6 and 8×8, Otokar General Manager Serdar Görgüç stated that they made the first overseas sales of the vehicle in 2015.

Görgüç said that the use of the vehicle has become widespread over time, and that they have recently produced 400 8×8 vehicles in the United Arab Emirates.

Arma II

Stating that they actively use, test and put the tool into use in many geographies, Görgüç said, “We started working on a variant of Arma 2 years ago in line with the evolving needs, adaptability to many different platforms, different tasks and higher protection demands. Increasing threats called ArmaII. We came to the vehicle we gave you.” I said.

Arma II

Emphasizing that Arma is a successful vehicle and is used with pleasure by countries in its inventory, Görgüç said that they designed ArmaII to meet demands such as more protection, more interior volume and the use of larger towers.

Arma II

Referring to the differences between Arma and ArmaII vehicles, Görgüç said:

“The difference between ArmaII and Arma is more carrying capacity. Most importantly, we have an axle carrying capacity of up to 30 tons in Arma, we increase to 40 tons in ArmaII. Therefore, we provide more protection against both mines and kinetic energy threats.” Read More We have a lot of internal volume. We have a different suspension system, different axles that they brought. In ArmaII, we provide the user with different large volumes and greater protection and adaptability to more missions.”

Arma II

Görgüç said that unlike Arma, a domestic engine is used in ArmaII and that the vehicle has reached the mass production stage.

Arma II

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