Does Toothpaste Remove Screen Scratches?

“How to remove screen scratches?” Although there are multiple answers to the question, not all of these answers provide the expected results. Can screen scratches be removed with toothpaste? Here is the answer:

“Does toothpaste remove screen scratches?” The number of users asking is quite a lot. Xiaomi must have noticed this and tried to save a phone whose screen was full of scratches with a toothpaste.

Does Toothpaste Remove Screen Scratches?

In the related video shared from Xiaomi’s official YouTube page, the answer to this question is quite clear: No, it does not delete. Because, according to the Chinese company, a toothpaste gives the outer structure and coating of a screen.

Of course, cloths or fabrics used with toothpaste can save a phone with scratches on the screen, albeit a little, but this is deceptive because the actual scratches that are intended to be erased will remain there. Fluoride-containing toothpastes, in particular, can make a phone’s screen unusable in the long run.

The saying about toothpaste cleaning screen scratches is as follows: “Toothpaste is an alkaline substance that can destroy the acid-resistance characteristic of the oleophobic coating over time.”

Another video published by Xiaomi gives information about whether the brass can repair the phone that has broken down due to water.

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