Different Details About Drug Addiction

There is an interesting experiment regarding substance addiction, which has increased in recent years and is being struggled all over the world. The problems caused by addiction were not limited to what we knew. The Mouse Park experiment illustrates this best.

performed by psychology professor bruce alexander in the 1970s; It is an experiment prepared to overcome the logic error in other experiments that give the result that the drug is addictive.

Bruce Alexander
  • The process works like this:
    • The caged rat is offered two different waters, one with cocaine and the other with pure. The mouse prefers cocaine water over time and actually becomes addicted and eventually dies. But Bruce Alexander realizes there is something wrong with the experiment. the mouse has no action to choose from other than cocaine juice. builds a mouse park on it. It has wheels, tunnels, nice mouse dishes, balls in it. and again two bottles of water, one with cocaine and the other with pure water. The result will of course vary. rats either do not prefer or rarely drink cocaine water and none die.

Bruce Alexander then extends the experiment. As in the first problematic experiment, he puts a few mice in an empty cage with cocaine and the mice become addicted. then places them in the mouse park. The rats had occasional withdrawal crises, but soon recovered from their addiction.

In conclusion, Bruce Alexander argues that addiction is not about the substance, but about a lack of communication. An unhappy, lonely individual who cannot connect with society will connect with other things, drugs. that is, excluding, isolating or banning those who use these substances from society will not be a solution.

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