Did Huawei Install a Tracking Device on Visitors at the Fair?

Huawei, which was revealed to have installed a tracking chip on the participants visiting its special stand at the MWC 2023 fair and analyzed their movements in the stand area, became the subject of discussion.

Allegations of Huawei’s state-sponsored cyber spying activities have been on the agenda for years, and the United States has imposed heavy embargoes. However, Huawei also does not hesitate to watch people, as if proving the allegations true.

Huawei Charged with Unauthorized Tracking

Participating in the MWC 2023 fair, Huawei hosted its visitors in its own special booth area and exhibited its new technologies. For this area, visitors were required to carry a special Huawei card. The trouble starts here.

When some visitors forgot to return their entrance cards, it was possible to examine its contents. According to the images shared by the vice president of Nokia, there is a tracking chip inside the Huawei cards. In other words, the company followed the visitors step by step.

In a statement, Huawei admitted that it monitors users in order to understand the interest of visitors in the private area, to determine which products they spend more time on, and to provide better service. However, in order to monitor user data, information and permission must be obtained. The GSMA association, which organizes the fair, also stated that the allegations are serious and that they will investigate the issue.

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