Diablo 3 will no longer have a new season

Diablo 3 will no longer release new content after its 29th season and will start repeating previous seasons.

Diablo 3 will no longer be updated with new seasons. As you can probably guess, the arrival of Diablo 4 means Blizzard will focus its efforts on developing new content for the new game, and so next season of the game will be its final season. At least in terms of new content, that’s exactly the case because old seasons will be reinstated.

In an interview with Wowhead, Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson said Season 29 will be the last new season for Diablo 3. He also said that for the new season, “It will not be as rich as Season 28”. While Fergusson says Season 29 will come with its own special theme, it’s likely all of this will be nothing more than cosmetic. Honestly, I would say don’t expect too much for the last season.

Diablo 3’s Previous Seasons Will Replay

Now starting with season 30, the game will begin repeating the content of previous seasons with “a mix and match of previous cosmetics and features that make up previous Seasons”. With 29 seasons to choose from, Diablo 3’s legacy catalog has a fair amount of content, which will certainly provide plenty of variety for fans of the third game.

What this essentially means is that the game is on its way to retirement. You have to admit, especially after a tough start like Diablo 3, eleven years is a tenure any gamer would be proud to have. Blizzard has spent years learning all the details of making a live service game and now plans to apply these lessons in Diablo 4, which will be out on June 2.

Diablo 4’s beta tests give us a great idea of ​​what we can expect from the final product. It looks like most of the changes we can expect between now and release will be technical; For example, we hope it solves a thorny issue such as improvements in server stability and bricking of some players’ GPUs.

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