Developed by Turkish Engineers: GIDS System

Turkey continues to introduce critical systems in the domestic and national defense industry. The GIDS System, which consists of radar, electro-optic, hydrogen-propelled launcher and communication system, was showcased for the first time. The system, which provides more disposal opportunities at a much lower cost, is expected to enter the inventory soon.

SAHA EXPO 2022, one of the biggest defense industry fairs of our country, which brings together many companies working for the defense, aerospace and aerospace industries, started in Istanbul.

One of the systems that attracted the most attention at the fair was the GST Intelligent Defense System (GIDS), produced by Gürbağ Defense Technologies. GIDS configured on a trailer; radar, electro-optics, hydrogen-propelled launcher and communication systems.

Mertkan Acar, Deputy General Manager of the company, made statement, both explained the general features of the system and emphasized the different capabilities that distinguish GIDS from its competitors.

Mentioning that GIDS consists of 4 main parts, Acar classifies them as radar/optic, antenna unit providing communication, launcher and console. Underlining that such a system has not been produced in the world before, Acar said that Turkey can rise to a very important position in this field.

Mentioning that the system detects the target with radar elements, Acar shares the information that they can detect vehicles at a distance of about 10 kilometers and human targets at a distance of 5 kilometers.

No example of hydrogen-fed launcher

Acar explains that they resisted the detected target with drones fired from launchers, and summarizes the main ability of the system, which distinguishes it from its competitors and makes it unique in the world, with the following words:

“The most critical feature of GIDS, which can transfer target data obtained through radar and electro-optical payloads to the command-control center, is hidden in the launcher system it contains.

Classic launcher systems, which are generally used with explosives, either have a single shot life or require maintenance after each shot. A hydrogen-fed propulsion system is used in the launcher of the GIDS System. Thanks to this propulsion system, the launchers can be used more than once after the ammunition is fired, and the ammunition is exposed to much less shock, thus eliminating the risk of possible malfunctions.

Our launcher has 16 slots. We can produce hydrogen in the cabin. Thus, we reach the ability to make a pulse every 5 seconds. This not only makes a significant contribution to our security forces as it ensures continuity, but also costs much less than other methods due to its nature.”

Studies continue for different types of beats

It is emphasized that GIDS, which is expected to be seen in the field this year, can be placed next to our air defense systems in order to protect them or that protection can be provided to threatened areas, especially security points.

Pointing out that the system has an extremely high export potential, Mertkan Acar said, “We have already completed the production of the prototype of the GIDS System, which can shoot fixed-wing revolving ammunition. We continue to work on GIDS configurations that can shoot different ammunitions,” he concludes.

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