Defrauded from WhatsApp with deepfake technology!

WhatsApp fraudster defrauded by taking advantage of artificial intelligence deepfake technology. Details of the event that took place in India are in our news.

Deepfake is one of the technologies that scammers use. Using this technology, fraudsters impersonate the relatives of social network users and ask for money. Recently, a WhatsApp user in India was defrauded for 40,000 rupees with this method.

WhatsApp scam with deepfake

The police shared the details of the incident through official social media channels. The person receives a WhatsApp call from an unknown number. Seeing someone who looks like an old co-worker, he answers the call without thinking about it. The caller names several mutual friends to gain the victim’s trust. The victim, who thinks that the caller is really his old colleague, continues the call.

40,000 rupees defrauded!

The swindler comes to the main point; Saying that one of his relatives was hospitalized, he asks for 40,000 rupees from the victim and states that he will return the money as soon as he returns to India. The victim transfers money for charity. However, when the caller asks for 35,000 rupees this time, the victim becomes suspicious and faces the truth when he calls his colleague. Realizing that he has been defrauded, the victim reports the situation to the police. The police are also starting an investigation based on the complaint.

Beware of social media posts!

According to the police, this incident is a first in Kerala. Scammers create fake videos using photos from the person’s social media. He can also access information such as the names of mutual friends from social media. In connection with the matter, WhatsApp will soon add a feature that will mute calls from unknown numbers.

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