Deadly Broadcast Finally Released

Developed by Apphic Games for PC, Deadly Broadcast lets you live with your horror game environment

Founded by Gazi Akyüz, Mehmet Yavuz Edem and Erdinç Gürbüz and one of WePlay’s investments, Apphic Games, their first game developed for PC platforms, Deadly Broadcast, allows players to experience horror games together with their group of friends with its high-level graphics and gameplay mechanics.

Horror game Deadly Broadcast released on Steam

Deadly Broadcast, whose demo version has been downloaded more than 100,000 times and has collected more than 15,000 Wishlists during the early access period, is currently attracting great attention from players in Asia and America, with its promising Steam statistics.Single Player ve 1-4 oyunculu Co-op seçeneklere sahip bir tür korku ve hayatta kalma oyunu olan Deadly Broadcast’te oyuncular, terkedilmiş ve ürkütücü mekanları kamera ve ekipmanlarıyla ziyaret eden bir grup fenomeni canlandırıyor. Yapay zekaya sahip izleyici kitlesi ise, oyuncunun kadraja soktuğu paranormal olay ve yaratıklara gerçekçi tepkiler vererek oyun içinde yaptıkları bağış ve meydan okumalarla oyuncuyu yönlendirebiliyor.

Survive and go on the air!” In Deadly Broadcast, which sets out with the motto, players will try to survive by fighting creatures while trying to increase the number of instant viewers and earn money by broadcasting live to their audience.Deadly Broadcast, which is a candidate to be one of the most successful horror games developed by the Turkish gaming ecosystem and will compete with its very important rivals such as Phasmophobia and Devour, makes the game very interesting by connecting the Twitch broadcasts to the game, allowing players to have a more interactive gaming experience. In this way, the players can see the messages of their viewers instantly in the chat section of the game, while the viewers can create objects that can help the player with some special words such as Medkit and Weapon.

Regarding the Deadly Broadcast game, which had a very successful development process, the Apphic Games team; “We can say that we went through a very intense and meticulous process from the idea stage to the exit stage. As a team, we are very excited to develop a game with a theme that has not been found in previous horror games. We also have great plans for the Deadly Broadcast game in the future. If Deadly Broadcast, which we will soon release on VR devices, has a successful sales process as we expect, we plan to serialize it.” made statements.

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