Dark Souls 3 Mod Improved to Make It Easier to Play

Dark Souls 3 Mod Improved to Make It Easier to Play

The Dark Souls 3 mod, offered by a mod maker, makes the game known for its difficulty quite easy. So, how to download the mod that makes gameplay easier?

For DarkSouls 3, which has a very difficult gameplay, a mode has been developed that makes the gameplay very easy. There are three difficulty levels in this mode. Players can choose the option they want.

Easy Souls III Mod Released, Making Dark Souls 3 Easier

Developed by FromSoftware, DarkSouls 3 was released in 2016. The game, which is known for its difficult gameplay, can therefore make many players quite angry from time to time. A mod maker named Zethras has developed a mod that can appeal to people who complain that the game is difficult.

The mod called Easy Souls III makes the game much easier. Thus, there is no need to play a section over and over again. The unofficial mode offers three difficulty levels: “Easy”, “Very Easy” and “Ultra Easy”.

Dark Souls

These options change the rate of damage taken and dealt, as well as the amount of Spirit gained. 25 percent more Soul can be obtained in the Easy option, 50 percent in the Very Easy option, and 75 percent in the Ultra Easy option.

Deal 25% more damage to Easy, 50% more to Very Easy, and 75% more to Ultra Easy. So, what steps are required to download DarkSouls 3 mod?

How to Download Dark Souls 3 Player Mod?

  • Visit the Nexus Mods site.
  • Sign in to your membership.
  • Visit the Easy Souls III mod page.
  • Press the “Manual” button.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.

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