Current Gta Vice City Cheats – Car, Gun, Money, Helicopter, Immortality And Police Escape Cheat Passwords (Pc)

GTA Vice City is one of the most played, timeless and always popular games in the world. GTA Vice City is one of the first accepted games in the GTA world. GTA Vice City, which changed the game world, was released in 2001. We have compiled detailed GTA Vice City car, gun, money, helicopter, immortality and getting rid of the police cheat codes about this game, which you can change with different cheats.

GTA Vice City, which mixed the game world in the year it was released, is still among the most popular games. You can make the game different by typing different codes in the game.

GTA Vice City Cheats

GTA Vice City, released by Rockstar Games, is one of the most legendary games known. This game, which has a fairly large fan base, is still actively played today. Especially this game, which you can change with some cheats, provides an environment where players can cheat very easily. You don’t need to set a special command for GTA Vice City cheats. You can use or disable the cheat by typing the straight cheat.

GTA Vice City Car Cheats

One of the most popular activities in the GTA game is driving a car. Especially since the majority of the game is spent with cars, players want to use different cars. Car cheats can be used to drive freely, navigate and damage the car. With a single code, you can easily pull the car you want into the game. GTA Vice City car cheats are as follows;

One of the codes that people who want to buy an old-style racing car can write is the “Tranvelinstyle” code.

Players who want a different or old-style racing car can write the “Gettherequickly” cheat.

The “Panzer” cheat is one of the cheats that helps to give tanks.

The “Wheelsareallineed” cheat helps the vehicle to be completely invisible except for the wheels.

For the race car, you can enter the code “getthereveryfastindeed“.

For a different or different race car, you can write the code “getthereamazinglyfast“.

The “Rubbishcar” cheat is one of the cheats that helps you get a garbage truck in the game.

Thelastride” is one of the codes that helps you get a hearse.

Rockandrollcar” is a limo cheat.

Betterthanwalking” is one of the tricks that gives a golf cart.

GTA Vice City Weapons Cheat

There are certain weapon cheats in GTA Vice City. For simple weapons, players simply type “Thugstools“.

The “Professionaltools” code is one of the cheats that can be used to get professional weapons.

“Hugstools” is one of the cheats that gives simple weapons, “nuttertools” is one of the cheats that can be used for heavy weapons.

GTA Vice City Money Cheats

There is no money making cheat in GTA Vice City. However, by typing “PANZER“, you can summon a tank and then press the caps lock key to get a task. Then exit the tank, type “bigbang” and explode the tank. This way you can get 50 dollars.

GTA Vice City Helicopter Cheats

If you want to cheat helicopter in GTA Vice City game, you can buy helicopter by typing “AMERICAHELICOPTER” cheat.

GTA Vice City Immortality and Police Escape Codes

Health and armor are the most needed features of the players in the GTA game. Especially the players who do not want to die in the game, you can make your health full by typing “Aspirine“. If you want to cheat armor to protect your life, you can do a steel vest cheat by typing “Preciousprotection“. After the actions in GTA Vice City, the police are often after the character. The stars in the upper right part are starting to burn. As the stars increase, more police start to search for your character. With an average of 2.3 stars, it’s extremely easy to get rid of the police. But in case of 4 it is impossible to get rid of the police. For this, you can use the cheat to get rid of the police by typing “LEAVEMEALONE“.

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