Cugra Beach

Cugra Beach

Erdek is the district of Balıkesir on the Kapıdağ Peninsula, but is more famous for its summer resorts. When you come to the center of Erdek, when you get down to the coast, the phaetoners greet you first, and they get a fee of 30 lira for a half-hour tour. The most important feature of Erdek Coasts is that they have Blue Flag beaches in the Marmara Region, and for this reason, they attract a lot of local tourists from the neighboring cities and Istanbul. When you come to Erdek, there are a lot of food shops and cafes in the center, there are also many shops on the coastline and I don’t think you will have any problems with eating. In addition, there are many shops where you can buy many seafood such as shorts, sun oil, seabed. Another nice thing about Erdek is that the accommodation places such as motels, hotels, pensions and rental houses are by the sea and there are cobblestones. Erdek is both more beautiful and more organized.

Erdek’s most famous beach is Çuğra. Erdek has hotels, motels and accommodation facilities in this region. Çuğra is one of the most important places where tourists and thousands of people living in Erdek flock to swim and sunbathe, especially in the summer, with its fine sand like gold as far as the eye can see, the sparkling sea that does not deepen immediately, and the unique view of Kapıdağ. Parallel to the Çuğra beach, the walking belt decorated with palm trees hosts especially those who ride on bicycles and walk in the afternoon. Apart from the cafes, restaurants and bars of the hotels around, Erdek’s olives, olive oil and delicious fish are served in the country coffees decorated with geraniums.

Since Çuğra beach is in the center, it is very advantageous, if you are staying in Erdek district for a long term, you can easily perform transactions such as eating and drinking and all other banks,


To reach Erdek, you must first reach Bandırma. With the ferries departing from Istanbul Yenikapı to Bandırma, you can be in the district within 1 hour and 45 minutes. The distance between Bandırma and Erdek, which is 22 km, takes 15 minutes with your private car or minibuses.

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