CS:GO Source 2 Update Spotted on SteamDB

CS:GO Source 2 Update Spotted on SteamDB

CS: GO, one of the cult productions of the tactical FPS genre, has been on the agenda since the beginning of March with the rumors of the Source 2 engine.

The cs2.exe file that appeared in the NVIDIA driver at first, and then the presence of CS: GO-related codes in the DOTA 2 update, moved the situation to a different position from the past rumors. On the other hand, the posts made by important esports organizations such as FACEIT, ESL and HLTV bring us one step closer to Source 2.

In the latest development last night, we witnessed on SteamDB that the developers added the cs2.exe file to CS: GO with a limited test structure. With this event, it is possible to say that the subject of CS: GO Source 2 is no longer a claim. In summary, we expect Valve to make an official statement in the future.

As can be seen in the shares of Gabe Follower and Aquarius, two data miners known to everyone with their research on CS: GO, many pre-release repositories have been added to the game with the dpr (developer pre-release update) tag. Let’s not forget that this activity continues throughout the night. We will continue to share the latest developments.

CS:GO Source 2 Update Spotted on SteamDB

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