Critical water level in Tahtalı Dam!

Critical water level in Tahtalı Dam!

The Tahtalı Dam, which meets most of İzmir’s water needs, has 300 days of water left. While the occupancy rate of the dam decreased to 37.8 percent, it was stated that this rate was the 5th worst value in the last 23 years.

The active occupancy rate of Tahtalı Dam, which meets the important water needs of the city in İzmir, decreased by around 15 percent compared to the previous year.

While the active occupancy rate of the dam was 52.67 percent last year, this rate decreased to 37.08 percent this year.

Tahtalı Dam

“Don’t be fooled by the JUNE rains”

Head of İZSU Water Treatment Department, Hakan Alpsoykan, said, “The precipitation situation has decreased this year. Do not be misled by the rains in June. The rains that came after a long time did not reflect on our dam because it was soil. When we look at the years since October 2002, “It was one of the years when we received the least precipitation. There is a 15 percent decrease in our dam compared to the previous year due to the intermittent rainfall and the low amount. As of today, there is 126 million cubic meters of water in our dam and our active occupancy rate is 37 percent,” he said.


Alpsoykan underlined that both underground and surface water resources were used with the plans made, and said:

Tahtalı Dam

“Our administration is constantly planning our water resources. We are doing these up to date. This year, Tahtalı Dam was enabled to meet its water needs for a longer period of time by using less water. According to the plans, even if it rains in Tahtalı, there is water that can meet the water needs of our city for 250-300 days. İzmir has both surface and underground water resources. We use more groundwater resources. We are trying to better protect the water in Tahtalı by taking water from the newly commissioned Gördes Dam, which has a small amount of water. Everything is going well according to our plans.”


Alpsoykan stated that the occupancy rate of the dam was the 5th highest in the last 23 years and continued as follows:

Tahtalı Dam

“There is not much increase in other dams either. We have around 40 percent water in Balçova Dam. Pretty much the same as last year. While the occupancy rate of Gördes Dam was around 4.82% last year, it is around 7 percent today. There is an increase there. Çeşme Kutlu Aktaş was 67 years old last year; It is currently hovering around 41 percent. Although it never rains in Çeşme, it has water for about a year. Since 2000, we have 4 more years worse than today in terms of occupancy. Our plans are progressing smoothly. I think a big rain is expected next year. In 2015, 235 million cubic meters of water came to our dam. About 45 million came this year. We must always exceed security limits and use resources regularly and sparingly. We advise our citizens to use water carefully.”

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