Could Apple’s First Foldable Phone Finally Be Coming? iPhone Flip

Could Apple’s First Foldable Phone Finally Be Coming? iPhone Flip

Apple’s patent application for the first foldable phone model signals the iPhone Flip model. So when will the foldable iPhone come out?

Apple has lagged far behind its competitors in the foldable phone market. Brands such as Samsung, Honor and vivo, especially Samsung, have managed to quickly jump into the production of their own foldable phones and keep up to date.

When it comes to Apple, the fact that it has not taken any steps in this regard was questioned at first, but it is no longer an issue that creates a question mark in minds. However, according to new information, Apple has finally made its first move to produce a foldable phone.

Patent Application Filed for iPhone Flip

The main reason Apple has avoided producing a foldable iPhone is thought to be durability. However, in October last year, the company’s patent application revealed that the first moves for the iPhone Flip had begun to be taken.

Apple had this to say about this: “A foldable display device could have housing sections joined by a hinge. A flexible display can overlap the hinge. The foldable device can be moved between the folded and open positions using the hinge.”

iPhone Flip

As seen in the shared drawings, we can say that Apple is working on a foldable phone model in vertical orientation. Although the patent application does not mean that Apple will definitely release a foldable phone, there are also details that excite the user base at this point.

What attracts the most attention here is Apple’s preference for a vertical foldable phone. One of the biggest reasons for choosing Flip instead of Fold is that Samsung’s Z Flip model is the best-selling foldable device, leaving the Z Fold behind.

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