Corona virus effect: those who forget to smile receive training in Japan

In Japan, those who forget to smile while using a mask during the Covid-19 outbreak are receiving training.

Keiko Kawano, founder of Tokyo-based smile training center “Egaoiku”, said that during the Covid-19 epidemic that lasted for about 3 years in the country, wearing a mask has become a habit, and therefore many people smile less. Stating that some people forget to smile and find it difficult to mix with social life by opening their faces after a long break, Kawano pointed out that the demand for smile trainings has increased with the abolition of the use of masks.

Noting that they focused on moving their facial muscles correctly during the training, Kawano said, “We aim to make people happy by smiling consciously. We are extremely happy to contribute to this.”


Mariko Canada, one of the students who participated in the smile training, said that she did not care about her smile as she constantly used a mask during the epidemic and that she participated in the training to remember to smile again in a healthy way. Tamaki Sato, on the other hand, stated that he learned to move the muscles in the cheek and eye area correctly and to smile in a healthy way during the training he attended. Another participant, Yuga Sanpei, said, “When I heard about the existence of such a training, I thought I should definitely attend.”


It is known that the use of masks was common before the epidemic in Japan, where the government was never obliged to use masks during the Covid-19 epidemic.

In the country, where the government abolished the recommendation for mask use on March 13, many people still do not go out without a mask due to social pressure, although experts state that it is not necessary to wear masks in open areas.

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