Complaints against WhatsApp are increasing: Numbers in Foreign Hands!

Complaints against WhatsApp are increasing: Numbers in Foreign Hands!

According to Şikayetvar data, complaints about WhatsApp have increased significantly recently. Here are the details!

According to the data of the solution platform Şikayetvar, Whats App has experienced a huge increase in complaints with an increase of 100%1 in just one week.

While users reported receiving calls and messages from foreign country codes, it turned out that many people were concerned about their private number.

In recent days, a large number of users have reported receiving calls and messages on Whats App, especially from numbers with foreign area codes such as India, Indonesia and other countries. Some users received calls from numbers with administrator accounts, while others received messages starting with “How are you? Hello”, and some received messages that started as “Hello”. These problems prompted users to voice their concerns through Şikayetvar.

WhatsApp Complaints on Şikayetvar Increased Significantly in Recent Weeks

In the first seven months of last year, 4,409 complaints were made about Whats App, while a total of 1,069 complaints were received in just one week, marking a significant increase in complaints. The most common complaints were related to information security, followed by the category of incomplete and defective service.


Some of the complaints about WhatsApp via Şikayetvar are as follows:

“I’m wanted in India”

“I am being called from Indian numbers starting with +91. I am absolutely complaining. I do not accept any responsibility in the event that my account information is seized, disseminated or debts are incurred on me and all transactions to be made with my phone number. All responsibility belongs to WhatsApp.”

“How did my number get into the hands of others?”

“I am being called by a number starting with +62 from the WhatsApp application, which disregards the privacy law. I don’t know how my number got into the hands of these people. I am aggrieved about this situation and I will definitely file a complaint. I do not accept any responsibility in case my account information is seized and my phone number is spread, used or a debt is incurred on me. All responsibility belongs to WhatsApp.”

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