Cholera Deaths in Northwest Syria

Two people died due to cholera in the region where water and sewer lines were damaged.

An epidemic has now emerged in Syria, which was affected by the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş.

A cholera epidemic broke out in the northwest of the country.

Cholera Deaths Recorded

According to the information shared by health workers, two people died due to cholera disease.

The total number of deaths from cholera recorded in the northwest region since the outbreak began last year has risen to 22. 568 non-fatal cases were reported.

Water and Sewer Lines Demolished

“The destruction of infrastructure, water and sewer lines after the earthquake increases the likelihood of an outbreak,” Al Jazeera reported.

Access to Clean Water Problem

Earthquakes worsened conditions in refugee camps in the region, which currently lacks access to clean water.

It was noted that 63 percent of refugee camps do not have proper sewerage and 43 percent do not have access to clean water.

It was noted that hospitals and health workers struggled to treat the injured in the February 6 earthquakes.

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