Choke A 2-Year-Old Child To Death

Blood-Crying Words in Court: I Choke Because She Cryed

In Ankara, a lawsuit was filed against Muna Ellas Hıdır Hayo and Taner Perçin, who allegedly killed 2-year-old Iraqi national Rayyan Hashim, with a demand for aggravated life imprisonment. Muna, the little boy’s mother’s aunt, said, “I had intercourse with Taner at his house. Reyyan, whom I took to beg, was sleeping in the other room. I strangled her by covering her mouth and nose with my hand when she cried. Then I left the house.” said.

An investigation was launched after a child was found dead on September 6, 2022, in 19 Mayıs Mahallesi Çamlık Street in Ankara. Examining the applications for missing persons of the same age throughout Ankara for identification, the teams determined that the family of Reyyan Hashim, a Iraqi national who was born in 2020, had been abducted to the Keçiören Martyr Mehmet Ali Özbek Police Station Chief.

abducted by his mother’s aunt

Contacting the family, the teams confirmed that the murdered child was 2-year-old Reyyan Hashim, with the diagnosis of his parents. His father, Sultan Tarıq Hashim, said in his statement that he came to Turkey from Iraq with his wife and child in 2016.

Stating that they had visited their relatives in Demetevler the day before the incident, and that his wife’s aunt, the suspect Muna Ellas Hıdır Hayo, had kidnapped his son while everyone was asleep, father Hashım noted that the suspect had detained his child in this way before, but withdrew his complaint at that time.

“I STRONGLY COVERED HIS muzzle and nose on his crying”

Suspect Muna Ellas Hıdır Hayo, who was taken into custody upon this, stated that he kidnapped his relative’s son Reyyan the day before the incident “to collect more money whenever he wanted”. Saying that he was begging with the boy throughout the day, the suspect Hayo said, “After visiting various places with Reyyan, the suspect Taner Perçin came to me in the evening and said that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with me. We went to an address that I do not remember by taxi. I saw that the suspect was living alone at home, we had intercourse with him later. After Reyyan was crying in the other room, I covered her mouth and nose with my hand and strangled her. Then I left the house.” expressed as.


Suspect Taner Perçin also said that he asked Hayo to silence the boy who came into the hall crying at around 02:00, otherwise he would send him from his house. Thereupon, Perçin said that Hayo, who took Reyyan to the room by embracing him, looked in the doorway to see what she was doing, and made the following defense:

“I saw that they were sleeping with Reyyan. During this time, Muna realized that I was looking at them, and she locked the door of the room from behind. Later she came to me and said, ‘I put the child to sleep completely.’ Later, when I heard the sound of the outside door, I realized that Muna was leaving the house. “I made the sign, but he didn’t come. Then I took Reyyan with her belongings and left her in front of the building next door. When I held Reyyan in my arms, she blinked her eyes, but I don’t remember if she was breathing or if she moved her arms. Later, I returned to my residence and continued to sleep.”

In the report of the Forensic Medicine Institute Specialization Board included in the indictment, it was determined that the child died as a result of “mechanical asphyxia” due to mouth and nose obstruction.


In the indictment of the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was noted that the suspects Muna Ellas Hıdır Hayo and Taner Perçin acted together in the murder of 2-year-old Rayyan. Reminding that the suspect Hayo confessed to murdering the child by strangling, it was emphasized in the indictment that the suspect Perçin did not take any action to save the child at the time of the murder, and Reyyan’s lifeless body was left on the street to avoid the crime.

The indictment included the following determination: “Under the pressure of the suspect Taner, the suspect Muna caused the death of the child in a way that prevented him from breathing, the suspect Taner watched the events, the suspect Muna did not make any effort to put an end to his action, Muna told him Considering the possibility that the suspect Taner could have survived, according to the statement of the suspect Taner, who ‘moved his eyes,’ he said, ‘I put the child to sleep completely’, instead of checking whether the child is alive or not, and that the suspect Taner was ‘the main perpetrator’. must be held responsible for the incident.”

Aggravated life sentence requested

In the indictment, it is stated that the suspect Taner, instead of informing the medical teams, returned to his residence by leaving the child at the foot of the pole at night and continued to sleep, “Considering the stages of preparation, realization and recovery from the consequences of the action, the incident of both suspects was carried out in a calm manner, a spiritual calmness was reached and the execution of the action was taken into account. It is clear that there is no discomfort from the outcome of the action, that the suspects showed persistence while committing their actions, and that as a result, they committed the alleged crime together, leaving no room for hesitation.” it was said.
In the indictment, it was demanded that the suspects be sentenced to “aggravated life imprisonment” for the crime of “deliberately killing the child”.

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