China Releases Panoramic Photos Of The Martian Surface

Chinese Astronomers Have Created Panoramic Photographs Of The Martian Surface By Combining Images Captured By The Mars Reconnaissance Satellite Tianwen-1.

The Mars exploration vehicle Tianwen-1, launched into space by the China National Space Administration in 2020, had managed to enter Mars orbit by completing millions of kilometers without any problems.

Chinese astronomers have created panoramic photographs of the Martian surface by combining images captured by the Mars reconnaissance satellite Tienvin-1.

The high-resolution photographs, in which each point represents 76 meters of space, were created by combining 14,757 images taken by the Mars satellite Tienvin-1 during 284 missions orbiting the planet between November 2021 and July 2022.

The photographs are intended to serve as a reference for scientists and engineers to prepare better ground maps for Mars exploration activities.

Village Names Were Given

On the other hand, Chinese scientists reported that 22 of the landforms discovered in the area where the spacecraft landed during the Tianwen-1 exploration mission were named after villages that have an important place in Chinese history and culture.

The “Tianwen” expedition, which means “seeking the truth in the heavens” in Chinese, takes its name from the verses of the Chinese poet Qu Yuan, who lived in the 4th century BC.

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