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ChatGPT Started To Write Series Scenarios!

The last episode of South Park, which was written by ChatGPT, quickly went viral on the Internet. The episode criticizes artificial intelligence systems.

South Park, one of the most popular adult comedy series in the USA, has been known for its humorous criticism of a different subject in almost every episode for over 25 years. The subject of the last episode of the series, which was published in the past weeks, was artificial intelligence models that are on everyone’s lips these days.

The interesting thing is, ChatGPT is the author of the section that humorously criticizes artificial intelligence models. Moreover, this experimental episode may soon change the series and film industry radically.


The episode “Deep Learning”, written by Trey Parker, who is the producer, director and voice of many characters, to ChatGPT begins with Clyde’s use of ChatGPT to respond to his girlfriend. A happy relationship with Bebe, who falls in love with the generic and cliché answers of the AI ​​model, Clyde shares her little secret ChatGPT to help Stan, who is suffering from a similar problem. Stan, whose life has changed completely with ChatGPT, starts to use the artificial intelligence model in every aspect of his life.

But of course, it’s not just Stan and Clyde who use ChatGPT. Things spiral out of control when it turns out that other students in the class are having ChatGPT do their homework.


Although the Deep Learning episode sounds experimental, we have to state that the resulting episode is more fluid and successful than most South Park episodes. It should also be noted that Trey Parker, the producer of the series, has long wanted to implement such a project, and even received an investment of $ 20 million in the past months, in the artificial intelligence studio Deep Voodoo, which he founded for this purpose.

This trend of “writing scripts to artificial intelligence”, which first started with animated series, may soon spread to other TV series. In fact, it seems possible that we will soon see TV series and movies whose scenarios are written entirely on artificial intelligence.


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