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ChatGPT Keeps Growing: Now You Can Play Minecraft!

ChatGPT Keeps Growing: Now You Can Play Minecraft!

A number of researchers from NVIDIA have created a bot called Voyager with the ChatGPT engine, and this bot can play Minecraft. How? Details are here!

Researchers at NVIDIA have found a new way to use GPT-4, a type of AI that powers ChatGPT and other AI programs. Researchers have created a bot called Voyager that can play Minecraft using GPT-4 to solve problems and set goals.

Voyager isn’t as good a player as a human, but it can understand the state of the game using an API. For example, if you have a fishing rod in your inventory and a river is nearby, Voyager may suggest a fishing target to gain experience. Then it can also generate the code needed to achieve this goal using GPT-4.

ChatGPT Keeps Growing

What Should Voyager Codes Do to ChatGPT?

The most unique aspect of Voyager is running GPT-4 generated code to add behaviors to the bot. If the code doesn’t work well, Voyager will try to improve the code using feedback and error messages from the game. Voyager builds a code library to learn to do more and more complex things and explore the game more and more over time.

The researchers created a chart showing how Voyager compares to other Minecraft bots. Voyager can obtain three times more items, explore twice as much, and craft vehicles 15 times faster than any other AI bot.

For now, the researchers are determined to continue testing on this. So what do you think about this research? You can share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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