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ChatGPT Found the Disease of the Child Who Saw 17 Different Doctors!

ChatGPT Found the Disease of the Child Who Saw 17 Different Doctors!

ChatGPT found the disease of a child who saw 17 different doctors in the US. So how did artificial intelligence do it? Here are the details!

A family in the US has been trying to find out what disease their son has for a long time. The boy, Alex, was examined by 17 different doctors.

Although the doctors could not make any diagnosis, ChatGPT found the child’s disease. So how did artificial intelligence know this?

Doctors Couldn’t Find the Disease!

At the age of 4, Alex’s ailments emerged, first chronic pain appeared. The little boy, who tried to cope with these pains with painkillers, started to have tantrums over time. According to his mother, Alex’s personality even changed because of his illness.

Constantly moody and tired because of his pain and seizures, Alex began chewing on objects and things he found around him. The boy’s mother, Courtney, even took her son to a dentist because of this. The doctor thought he was grinding his teeth, so he gave him an aligner.

ChatGPT Found

The child, who saw many other doctors such as the dentist, could not find the disease. Desperate, the mother took a decision on her own. She wrote the child’s test results to ChatGPT. She asked the artificial intelligence which disease the results could cause.

The AI chatbot of course had an answer; tethered spinal cord syndrome. This disease, which occurs during or after birth, can lead to orthopedic and neurological problems. It can cause muscle loss, gait disorders, nerve disorders and many other symptoms.

Alex’s version of the disease was diagnosed as the mildest stage, known as “spina bifida occulta”. Doctors had difficulty diagnosing the condition because the gap in the child’s spine was too small.

All these events have once again revealed the impact of artificial intelligence models on human health. Experts argue that artificial intelligence should be used more in healthcare.

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