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ChatGPT Announces New Feature to Improve Account Security: Multi-Factor Authentication is Here!

OpenAI has introduced a two-factor authentication feature to increase account security in ChatGPT. So how does this feature work? Here are the details!

ChatGPT has been on the agenda with different issues for a while. From the lawsuit with Elon Musk to unexpected responses to users.

OpenAI has taken a new step to transform ChatGPT into a safer and more personalized space for users. The AI-based chatbot now features two-step verification.

New Feature Arrives on ChatGPT

Yesterday, OpenAI posted an announcement on its X account. Sharing the new feature on its social media platform, the company stated that multi-factor authentication is now available in ChatGPT.

The company, which has taken an important step for security, greatly increases account security thanks to this feature. The details of this feature are explained as follows:

“Multi-factor authentication is a multi-step account sign-in process that requires users to enter more information than just a password. For example, in addition to a password, users may be asked to enter a code sent to their email address, answer a secret question, or scan their fingerprints. A second method of verification can help prevent unauthorized account access if a system password is compromised.”

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